PLAN2FIX systems will offer the following advantages for horticulture companies:

A cost-effective means of extracting nitrogen directly out of air, break it down with plasma and dissolve into water in the form of nitrate (30% less cost to comparable nitrogen fertilizers). An additional benefit is that the process enriches water with extra oxygen.

The process uses no fossil fuels and no transport is needed since the fertilizer is produced in situ at the point of use.

The process can be powered with renewables, making it cradle to cradle and lowering the costs of nitrogen fertilizer even further.

Our systems are modular so it fits any size of company and the farmer is in complete control of the production if its own nitrogen fertilizer.

We will demonstrate PLAN2FIX at two locations that will be announced in the spring of 2020, the demonstrations are planned to start in September 2020.

Production of PLAN2FIX takes places at the Brainport area Eindhoven, a specialized high-tech manufacturing center in Europe.

Parties interested in PLAN2FIX and those who want to follow the field demonstrations can fill in their contact details here