Our company VitalFluid BV was established in 2014 and is located in the Brainport area (of High Tech Campus) in Eindhoven, and over the years we have increased our knowledge and expertise focussing on the treatment of water with plasma. Our broad experience in the field of plasma technology allows us to present our company as a knowledge center of plasma activated water. Thereby we focus on hygienic and fertilizing applications in agriculture, like seed treatment, plant protection and nitrogen fixation with plasma technology. Following the environmental and social pressure in society for a sustainable agriculture we are able to offer circular food production with clean alternatives for agrochemicals.

What is Plan2Fix?

PLAN2FIX (PLAsma N2 (nitrogen) FIXation) is our new project that offers a new and sustainable solution for horticultural companies to produce the most important fertilizer in crop production: nitrogen. Our equipment can be used in situ at the point of use, making only use of water air and electricity, the produced nitrate can be applied to the crops by drip irrigation. When the electricity to activated the process comes from renewables than the production is completely circular.

The process of using plasma for nitrogen fixation is copied out of nature, lightning is one of natures ways to fixate nitrogen. Our process is a biomimicry of lightning in a thunderstorm.

Thanks to the Horizon Financing programme, we are able to realize 2 large scale N2FIX systems that will be used in demonstrations in vertical farming and in a horticulture green house in cooperation with end-users and stakeholders. N2FIX systems can be used by horticulture companies that use liquid nitrogen fertilizers.

Co-funded by the EU

This project has received funding form the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 873862.