Groundbreaking solution

Our PLAsma Nitrogen To FIXation unit, Extracts Nitrogen directly from the air and dissolves it into water on the spot. Our patented plasma technology ionizes air by applying a high voltage so that its nitrogen and oxygen ions dissolve in ‘plasma activated water’ (PAW) to create nitrite (NO2-), nitrate (NO3-) and peroxide (H2O2). NO3- is readily absorbed by plants.
PAW is a liquid N-fertiliser that can be customised to deliver the exact amount of N that the plant can absorb and thus no Nitrogen is lost into the environment. 


PLAN2FIX provides zero-carbon liquid N-fertiliser on the spot from free air, making the whole traditional N-fertiliser supply chain redundant by relocating its production to the place of application. 

PLAN2FIX is a modular unit that offers:
30% CHEAPER AND UNLIMITED SOURCE of liquid N-fertiliser, thereby eliminating their dependence on suppliers and cutting costs.
    ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY PROCESS, as it can be powered with renewable energy and avoids the fossil fuel-based, energy-intensive manufacturing process of fertilisers.