Work packages

The Plan2Fix project is divided in several work packages,

each with its own goal.

WP1 - Operational optimisation for the up-scaled reactor

To optimise plasma properties and enhance nitrogen uptake we measure and monitor internal and external process parameters with sensors to ensure reproducibility. Design of large-scale electrode configurations to be integrated in the nitrogen scrubber. The electrodes will be tested on effectivity, safety and life-time. Control algorithms will be determined and implemented, as well as an easy to use user-interface.


WP2 - Building large-scale prototypes

Realisation and production of all parts, systems and subsystems needed to build 4 Plan2Fix systems on skid or containers for an easy transportation. The Plan2Fix will be a modular system where the output volume can be adjusted by stacking multiple modules together.


WP3 - On-field demonstration activities

Validate and demonstrate Plan2Fix in practice in CEA advanced greenhouses with the typical crops: tomato, cucumber, lettuce and strawberry. Ensure easy to operate and smooth connectivity. Test the use efficiency of the energy generated by Plan2Fix in the plasma-activation process to heat the greenhouses.


WP4 – Industrialisation

Ensure that the complete realisation and production of Plan2Fix can be carried out after Phase 2 SME Instrument project.


WP5 - Commercialisation and Communication

Protect the IP of the results of the project. Prepare the expansion strategy and develop our international commercial network outside NL. Realise training on installation for distributors and workshops with potential clients. Prepare and carry out dissemination/promotion/communication activities to gain exposure & awareness. Educate our potential clients about the main benefits of Plan2Fix.




Co-funded by the EU

This project has received funding form the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 873862